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People want to be inspired by something they can believe in and

we are committed to creating positively life-changing experiences.

We want to inspire, create and connect people through the power of live music.

Music Capital is a social enterprise and operates with an entrepreneurial spirit,

values creativity, and celebrates innovation, and is committed to lifelong

learning, and nurtures the pursuit of music-making by creating and

providing quality opportunities and experiences for everyone.


Our Mission

* To produce a global original music festival annually in Derry.

* To stimulate the cultural scene.

* To stimulate the local creative and service economy and participate actively in regional development.

* To promote cultural tourism.

* To promote diversity and inclusion.

* To put together unifying events that encourages synergy between the key venues, organisations, networks and   

   agencies locally.

* To strengthen a sense of confidence and belief amongst the musical community

* To encourage the discovery of new artists.

* To develop reciprocal relationships with other festivals nationally and internationally

Artists We Have Worked With
And So I Watch You From Afar / Foreign Owl / CHERYM / Fierce Pit Bosses / NEWT / Fox Colony / Charity Shop Vinyl / Johanna Fegan / Stayne / Pearl Natasha / Cara Quinn   Osin O'Connell / The Wood Burning Savages / Fast Thursday / Urban Conflict / Kessler Effect / Happy Out / Zaebuis / No Collusion / Romeo Indigo Romeo / Control The Dark / Cora Harkin / Velvet Orchid / Black Abba / Ralph Rolle ( Nile Rodgers & Chic Band ) / Oscar Jennings / The Skanks / The Runbacks / Seeds Of The Oak Tree / Surf Green / Bairie / Alder / Calum Duffy / Christopher Kavanagh / Caitlin Nash / Dyad / The Bell Diver Spiders / Pol McVeigh / Villa In France / Dirty Faces / The Soap Girls / The Bonnevilles / Mosmo Strange / Hutch / Gas Hands / Recovery / Shóto / The Skallions / Anti Depresants / Marmawave / Sugarwolf / Smiley & The Underclass
+ Many Many More
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